Wilson Stream: That Dammed-est Stream

Wilton / 11:00 AM

This walk explores how Wilson Stream played an important role in the early development of Wilton creating a powerhouse of industrial activity and commerce.

(RE)Vision Hallowell

Hallowell / 1:30 PM

On this walkabout Hallowell, we will visit 4 locations found worthy of revisioning by the 2022 Revitalization Roadmap Process.

Forest Bathing Next to the Union River

Ellsworth / 10:00 AM

Reconnect to nature and your five senses with a slow walk through the woods along the river in Ellsworth. Calm your mind and nervous system. This 1.5-hour stroll starts with connecting to our bodies, breath, and sensations in the present moment. Then, participants are offered suggestions to explore the natural connection to their environment through […]